Flash: ON   January 19, 2020 
Samuel Youth

ELCA National Youth Gathering


Our high school youth will be attending the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit from July 15-19.  The national gathering is held every 3 years in major U. S. cities.  35,000 teenagers and chaperones are expected to attend from all over the United States!  Worship will be held each night in Ford Field with major Christian contemporary rock bands .  Cobo Hall will be filled with exhibits and activities for youth to do hands on learning about faith, mission, and justice.  Each student will spend one day doing service work in the city of Detroit.  This will be a memorable experience for all. Look for pictures and updates on our web site in July!


Confirmation Camp
Closing Circle at Living Waters Stony Lake Camp in New Era, MI.

We had a great time riding the bike path in Muskegon on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in June.

God's Work, Our Hands
We have done a variety of projects in the Muskegon community including painting fire hydrants, clearing brush from the bike paths, and visiting people at Nelson Place.





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